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Our Story

I aspire to build a bath business that puts people first.

As the the child of an immigrant mother who never prioritized her health for the sake of our family, I have witnessed first-hand what decades of sacrificing your wellbeing can do to you and those around you. It’s not kind. I’m on this journey with all of you to help you prioritize yourselves and put your physical, spiritual, and mental health first. We are so fortunate to have this precious life, let’s make sure we slow down to enjoy it.


Inoki Bathhouse Origins

Hi, my name is Helen

I'm so grateful that you're here. I'm an entrepreneur, traveller (ex-Digital Nomad), and bath fanatic from Canada.

My love for baths started when I watched the film, Spirited Away

Spirited Away is centred around a mystical bathhouse that is regularly visited by spirits who come to relax, soak in warm herbal tea baths, and purify. After watching the film, and as a young and impressionable child, I forever reimagined baths as a ritual to cleanse my soul.

My love for tea started at an early age, whereas my appreciate for mindfulness flourished later in life

I grew up being surrounded by the scent of tea because my grandparents only drank tea. As an adult, I now associate the smell of tea with my childhood in Beijing - it makes me feel warm and at home. Throughout my travels around Asia, I was constantly drawn to bathhouses. The body-hugging humidity, scent of aged wood, fragrant tea, and warm herbal waters did wonders in helping me  disconnect, recenter, and rebalance.

Inoki Bathhouse About Us

Mindfulness and meditation was another area of interest that grew into a significant part of my life - the intentional act of allowing your mind to disconnect from all the noise and find your balance. During my solo travels to cities in India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia, I always visited a spiritual site. I would sit in a temple for hours and just listen to the soothing sound of air whistling and echoing throughout. I never realized what I was doing was a form of meditation.

I didn't realize that I could connect these different parts of my life together, but it all came full circle when I went through the worst patch of my life earlier this year during the global pandemic.

Myanmar Temple at Sunset

Side note: The photo above was taken in Bagan. Myanmar was one of the most beautiful and spiritual countries I've ever visited and it's heartbreaking to see what's happening over there. Click here to learn more.

H‍ow my bathroom became my happy place during times of turmoil

At the peak of my mental health deterioration, I became an insomniac and had to see my family doctor. I tried everything - pillow sprays, melatonin, prescription sleeping aid, lavender essential oils, adjustable pillows - and I was still unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours a night for over a month. Taking warm baths was not the winning solution, but it was my favourite. It addressed each issue that fed into my restlessness profoundly well. It helped me disconnect from technology, rest my anxious thoughts, relax my muscles, and improve my mood. Ultimately, it offered my tired, bruised brain some silence, stillness, and relief. 

Our approach to creating bath experiences

We take inspiration from the four elements to create an elevated and spiritual bathing experience. Read more about the elements here.

Inoki Bathhouse Elements


My aspirations towards reimagining baths

I want to reimagine at-home baths. I want anyone with a bathtub to be able to create their own bathhouse haven/spa right at home - a place to escape, disconnect, and get all that you need to nourish your mind, body, and soul. I aspire to make your bathroom your happy place.

Deep relaxation awaits


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