Ingredient Glossary

Our premium, organic bath products are ethically sourced and free of artificial scents. Explore our glossary to learn more about each ingredient and why we selected them to be a part of our carefully curated bath formulas.


Black Goji Berry "Wolf Berry"

Sourced from China     |     Appears in: Mountain Fog Bath

Black Goji Berries are known in Chinese medicine to improve sleep, wellbeing, and calmness. As the story goes, a Chinese doctor discovered goji berries in a rural village where the inhabitants all lived long lives, some even over the age of 100. After spending some time observing this village, he noticed how the oldest people in the village all drank from the same water well, where a wild goji berry tree hung over it. The ripened goji berries were falling into the well, infusing the water with their health-giving properties, and that marked the beginning of goji berries' deep integration within Chinese medicine and healing. 

Skin Benefits: Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids, goji berries protect cells from damage due to free radicals and improve skin hydration and elasticity. This berries also help reduce signs of aging while evening out your skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation.


Butterfly Pea Flower

Sourced from: China     |     Appears in: Garden Bath

The butterfly pea flower is a vibrant and beautiful plant that brings colour and life wherever it goes. Let the colours nourish your spirit and wash over your troubles. Let this flower celebrate new beginnings.

Skin Benefits: Butterfly Pea Flower calms the skin with antioxidants, which also protects it from external irritants. It also reduces redness and fights skin aging with its anti-glycation properties. 


Calendula Flower

Sourced from: Egypt     |     Appears in: Garden BathMountain Fog Bath

Calendula is one of the most sacred flowers, it embodies gratitude and serenity. As you soak in this flower, fill your soul with positive intentions and reflect on all the good in your life.

Skin Benefits: Calendula hydrates your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It also stimulates the skin's firmness and elasticity while functioning as a powerful antioxidant to protect against free radical damage.


Chamomile Flower

Sourced from: Croatia     |     Appears in: Garden Bath

Chamomile symbolizes humility and are a symbol of relaxation and rest. This flower's scent soothe and bring clarity to your headspace. Let it declutter your mind and bring peace and calmness.

Skin Benefits: Chamomile is another anti-inflammatory ingredient that heals and soothes the skin. It also reduces redness and signs of aging while protecting the skin from inflammations, such as sunburns.


Coconut Milk

Sourced from: Vietnam     |     Appears in: Garden Bath, Mountain Fog Bath

Coconut milk offers a dreamy and soothing bathing experience to renew your spirit. Bathing in soft, velvety coconut milk is a luxurious way to cleanse your spirit and bring clarity to your body and mind.

Skin Benefits: Coconut milk's abundance of vitamin C restores moisture in the skin. It also improves the appearance of the skin by reducing redness and promoting skin's firmness and elasticity.


Gluten-Free Oats

Sourced from: Canada     |     Appears in: Garden BathMountain Fog Bath

The oats bring a velvety and textured experience to the bathing experience. Oats traditionally represents health and wellness. Let the oats surround your body with nourishment and hydration.

Skin Benefits: Oats are a great source of vitamin E, which soothes and moisturizes the skin with an abundance of antioxidants. This also helps with skin dryness, itchiness, and irritation, while balancing your skin's pH levels.


Honey Powder

Sourced from the USA     |     Appears in: Mountain Fog Bath

Dating back to 2100 B.C., honey is as old as written history. It holds a deep cultural symbolism associated with divinity, richness and plenty. Warm, rich and sweet, let the uplifting scents of the powdered gold fill your heart with gratitude and serenity.

Skin Benefits: Honey powder can have profound effects on the skin by strengthening its foundation and brightening your complexion. As a natural humectant, it draws moisture to the skin and prevents it from escaping while its abundance of enzymes clean and exfoliate your pores and control surface oils. Honey's antibacterial properties also defend you from breakouts and blemishes as it heals and moisturizes your skin.


Jasmine Pearls Tea

Sourced from: China     |     Appears in: Garden Bath

Jasmine tea is scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms. Jasmine pearls tea is a serene and exquisite ingredient to bathe in. It's a symbolic for hope, love, and spirituality. Let the leaves flow through the water and bring nourishment to your heart and spirit.

Skin Benefits: Jasmine tea balances the skin's moisture, reduces redness, and slows down the skin's aging process with its antioxidant properties. It is also a naturally powerful relaxant for the mind and body.


Lavender Flower

Sourced from: France     |     Appears in: Garden BathMountain Fog Bath

Lavender flowers represent serenity and purity. It's a perfect flower to soak in silence with. The scent passes through our spirit, sending calmness throughout our body.

Skin Benefits: Lavender soothes and heals your skin from dryness as it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Its natural fragrance and aromatherapy are also incredibly calming to reduce stress and anxiety.


Artemisia Vulgaris" Mugwort

Sourced from: USA     |     Appears in: Mountain Fog Bath

The aromatic mugwort has a long history of folk tradition. It is believed to be one of the nine sacred herbs given to the world by the god Woden, often used for protection by travellers and villagers. Let mugwort heal your spirits from exhaustion and envelop your body in deep peace.

Skin Benefits:

Mugwort has been used for centuries in Asia (both in traditional Chinese medicine and in Korea for medicinal purposes) to relieve pain, boost circulation, and heal the skin. This ingredient is gentle, nourishing, and hydrating. Its anti-inflammatory properties heal sensitive, irritated and dry skin, and its abundance in Vitamin E relieves redness on the skin as well. This ingredient is also fantastic for protecting the skin barrier, making it an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis. 

Oolong Milk Tea

Sourced from: Taiwan     |     Appears in: Mountain Fog Bath

Oolong Milk Tea has calming and stress-reducing effects with scent notes of orchid, apple, and cream. This sweet, calming scent will soothe your spirit and soul, so let it whisk you into a world of serenity.

Skin Benefits: This tea is known to help your skin glow from within, as it helps you sweat out the toxins and improve skin health. Additionally, oolong tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin irritation, redness, and swelling. 


Rose Petals and Buds

Sourced from: Egypt     |     Appears in: Garden Bath

Roses symbolize love and affection. It's a transformative flower with a scent that unfolds the longer you bathe in it. 

Skin Benefits: Roses are anti-scarring, offer stress relief, control excess oil production by balancing the pH of your skin, and help soothe dry, itchy skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties with its abundance of vitamin A and C, which help with reducing redness and promoting anti-aging effects.