Your Sanctuary of Peace Awaits

Let the stress melt away as you transport to a bathhouse continents away with our thoughtfully curated Asian-inspired bath experiences.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard when we craft your luxurious at-home bath ritual. We use the finest plant-based ingredients, which have been recognized for centuries, for their medicinal benefits. And we obsess over every detail to ensure you have the most tranquil and mindful relaxation experience.

Bring Balance Back to Your Spirit

Whether you are looking to unwind from your daily routine or find balance for your soul, our baths will soothe the senses, relax your muscles, and calm your mind.

Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our tea bath blends are made with premium, plant-based ingredients, so you can find comfort in knowing you'll be soaking in rich antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, as well as breathing in natural aromatherapy.

Learn About Our Ingredients

The Process to Creating These Unique Baths.

Learn About Our Process

Your bath experience took months to create for one simple reason - we are perfectionists. Our highest priority is you and the quality of your "me time."

We start by imagining the entire bath experience and how it can tackle your five senses. We then research ingredients and find premium suppliers.

We test numerous ingredient combinations, tweaking the portions each time, and then spend hours creating the playlist. Our last step is testing it with real people until we're proud of what we created.

Join Our Mission

Not only do we care about you, we also care deeply about the planet.

Our Sustainability Efforts