Mission-Driven for the Earth and All Its Inhabitants

Our 1% Commitment For the Planet:

We are pledging 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment through joining the "1% For the Planet" alliance. This means one percent of sales from our launch and beyond will be donated to not-for-profits fighting to save our environment. 

To be clear, donating 1% is not nearly enough to preserve our earth. I recognize that my business is contributing to climate change just by existing (similar to other businesses), but I am committed to minimizing my impact and becoming net-zero carbon neutral as soon as possible. This isn't only a business promise, it's a very personal one.

One percent for the plant logo for Inoki Bathhouse

Our Eco-Conscious Packaging:

This is hand-packaged and wrapped with kraft paper to emulate Chinese herb and tea packaging that I grew up seeing in Beijing. I am making a conscious decision to not put this into a box because I want to minimize my environmental impact and because I believe packaging has gone overboard in this day and age. In my humble opinion, our obsession with perfection and the unboxing experience has translated into so much unnecessary wastage. I appreciate a good user experience, but I plan to demonstrate that through the actual bath experience with premium bath formulations, relaxing playlists, and mindful visualizations. Sometimes imperfection is perfection.

Compostable or Biodegradable - Throw Into Your Compost or Garden Waste Bin

Bath Therapy Kit With Eco Friendly Packaging
  • All-Natural, Plant-Based Bathhouse Formula: Our bathhouse formulation is made without any chemicals or complex ingredients. It’s all plant-based ingredients that will easily break down in your compost.
  • Compostable Mailer Bag: This mailer bag is made of corn starch and a man-made binding agent added for flexibility. You can compost this at home or in your garden waste.
  • Biodegradable Hemp Jute Twine: This is made of hemp and is degradable both in your compost and in the landfill.
  • Compostable Plant-Based “Plastic”: Compostable and made of PLA (Polylactide), which is made from corn and other plants.
  • Compost-Friendly Tape: This is made with 90% renewable resources. The film is derived from plants and the stickiness/adhesive is made from natural rubber. It is certified as suitable for industrial composting: tested and certified by TÜV Austria to meet the standards for EN 13432, ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012) regarding: (1) Compostability, (2) Biodegradability, (3) Eco toxicity, and (4) Material characteristics.
  • Compost-Friendly Shipping Labels: The home compostability-certification is still pending, but this is currently certified for industrial compostability. The adhesive is formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials.

Recyclable - Throw Into Your Recycling

Best Bath Therapy Kit With Recyclable Packaging
  • Aluminum Tealight Cup: Remember to clean all the wax out of it. You can do this by putting it in boiling water and cleaning out any residual wax. Please check your local recycling plant to ensure that you can recycle this piece of aluminum.
  • Everything else (paper) is pretty self explanatory in terms of recycling. Try to reuse the packaging if possible (like the handmade flower paper). 

 Landfill - Throw Into the Trash

Inoki Bathhouse Bath Tea Bag Packaging
    • Large Tea Bag: This is made out of a high-grade filter with non-woven fabric. I do not believe this can be composted. I am looking for more sustainable/reusable options.

Ethical Farming:

We are committed to working with tea farms that pay equitable living wages. At the moment, our ingredients are all purchased from reputable, premium tea providers that have transparent and ethical sourcing. However, I want to validate this for myself. Over the next few months, I will look to work directly with farms to ensure I am supporting businesses that have ethical practices, pay living wages, and product the highest-quality ingredients.

Most of our ingredients are USDA Organic certified. More information in our product pages.

certified organic bath ingredients
Ethical Farming for Herbal Bath Ingredients