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The Inoki Gift Guide

Embark on a journey of personalized indulgence with our Inoki Bathhouse Gift Guide. Crafted with care and understanding, this guide is more than just a collection of gifts; it's a celebration of individuality and well-being. Dive into our world of soothing bath blends and rejuvenating bath accessories, and find the perfect expression of care and relaxation for your loved ones.

Gentle Nurture for the New Mom

Specially for new mothers concerned about products for sensitive skin. The Ethereal Garden is composed of all organic ingredients, ensuring gentle care for both skin and senses. Perfect for moms who need a soothing, gentle retreat.

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Fitness Enthusiast's Retreat

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking relaxation. The combination of Mountain Fog and Ethereal Garden with the Tea Bag offers deep muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation, perfect for a well-deserved night off.

At-Home Spa for the Deserving Parent

A gift for parents who yearn for a spa-like experience at home. The Garden Bathhouse and Ancient Forest sets provide an indulgent, luxurious escape without leaving the comfort of their home.

Spiritual Oasis for the Mindful Friend

Tailored for friends who are into spirituality and grounding. Combining the Ancient Forest and Mountain Fog and their Kits, a Glass Jar, and the Tea Bags creates a tranquil, grounding atmosphere, perfect for spiritual wellness

Post-Partum Sanctuary for the New Mother

A comforting escape for post-partum moms. The Mountain Fog bath blend, along with a Glass Jar and Tea Bags, offers a new mother a peaceful break as well as gentle rejuvenation.

Relaxing Haven for the Overworked Friend

For friends who are overwhelmed and need a relaxing night in. The Garden and Mountain Fog blends provide a soothing, stress-relieving experience, perfect for unwinding after long, demanding days.

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