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Our Approach

Our approach 

We take inspiration from the four elements to create an elevated and spiritual bathing experience. 

Inoki Bathhouse

Element of Water 水

Water is essential for existence and represents the flow of change. Like flowing water, life is in perpetual movement - always changing. In many cultures, water is used to heal and purify the mind, body, and soul.

At Inoki Bathhouse, water is our first element. We take every step to perfect the bath experience so that the water you soak in and the tea that you drink provide you the warmth and comfort needed to find your balance in this busy life.

Element of Earth 土

Earth is the most grounded and supportive element. It is found in the vast mountains, hills, and fields. It is pivotal to inhabiting life and, in many cultures, represents substenance.

Through the earth element, we explore plant and tea-based ingredients from diverse regions and cultures to create a unified scent and flavour profile for an elevated relaxation experience. Let earth nourish you.

Element of Fire 火

Fire is essential for growth and represents the flow of energy. In many cultures, fire represents transformation and life.

Although fire can be seen as destructive, in many cultures it’s used as a way to illuminate, enlighten, and connect us to the immaterial world. Let fire warm your spirit and bring you a sence of renewal during uncertain times.

Element of Air 气

Air is the element of life itself and represents knowledge and wisdom. It is practiced globally in the form of mindfulness and meditation to bring clarity and focus.

The Inoki bath experience incorporates intention-setting, mindful visualizations, and breathing exercises to ensure a holistically calming experience. Let air bring presence into your practice.

Element of Metal (New Fifth Element)

Metal is a new element that came with innovation. To me, it represents, the technology you have available to you. My goal is to help you feel grounded with your experience but have it enhanced with everyday digital convenience. This includes adding meditation/mindfulness exercises, soothing music, and more.

Deep relaxation awaits


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