Thank you for carving out intentional time to relax and decompress.

Timing Matters

Similarly to going to the spa, I would recommend carving out intentional time during the day, afternoon, or early evening to take this bath as opposed to late evening right before bedtime. Afterwards, read a book, do some journalling, paint, watch some TV - do what you need to relax and decompress.

Soak time depends on your personal needs. I typically take baths for 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Please Watch this Instructional Video

** Small correction to the instructions: Please use 4L of boiling water. 3L for the formula and 1L for your tea & don't fill your tub with too much water to ensure the scent isn't diluted! 

Have questions? Reach me on Instagram at @inoki_bathhouse or via email at (it may take me a day to get back to you).

Pre-Bath Headspace Setting Playlist

Click here

Tip: Listen with headphones. This is meant to calm and slow down your headspace in preparation for a deep, relaxing bath. 


We are not affiliated with Spotify in any way. Only premium accounts are ad-free.

During-Bath Garden Bathhouse Playlist 

Click here

Please put your phone away after you've pressed play on your Spotify. Give your headspace a mental break away from screens.

Tip: Listen to it in the order that the playlist is curated in. We start off with a 10-minute guided meditation and the rest is music.

Garden Bathhouse Visualization:

Close your eyes. Imagine the lavender flower from France, the roses from Egypt, and the Jasmine flowers from China, blooming in the summer, filling up a whole mountain with a sweet and fragrant scent. The sunlight plays on its petals and the soft wind is gently touching your skin while you enjoy this moment of peace and serenity. The world fades away and all stress that has been building up slowly melts to the ground as the warm waters calm and soothe you.


We are not affiliated with Spotify or Headspace in any way. 

Clean Up Instructions

Tea is a natural staining agent so please clean your bathtub immediately after your bath. I typically use baking soda or soap to clean my bath tub as opposed to just water. 

Throw into your compost:

  • Tea inside the Garden Bathhouse
  • Shipping mailer with label
  • Plant-based "plastic" 

Throw into your recycling:

  • The paper packaging
  • Hemp jute twine
  • Small envelope
  • Handmade flower paper
  • Aluminum from candle cup - check with local recycling facility
Throw into your trash:
  • The large tea bag
  • Wax seal
  • Candle wax
  • Crippling stress


Bath Therapy Kit with Eco Friendly Packaging

RecyclingRecyclable Packaging Bath Therapy Kit


Large Bath Tea Bag