Flowers, herbs, plants, and tea with artsy girl in mirror crafting a bath formula for meditation and relaxation

Inoki Bathhouse: Born Out of Troubled Times

By Rubaina Singla

Flowers, herbs, plants, and tea with artsy girl in mirror crafting a bath formula for meditation and relaxation

Inoki Bathhouse is reinventing baths by transforming ancient bathhouse traditions to intimate at-home experiences that rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Born out of my love for tea, bathhouses, and mindful meditation, I launched my business in February 2021 after realizing that I may have found my Ikigai, “A Reason For Being”. 

What is Inoki Bathhouse?

Inoki Bathhouse is on a journey to reimagine baths because we believe baths are where you can truly relax, escape, and find your balance. We take inspiration from bathing rituals and traditions from around the world, source ingredients that are nostalgic of our childhood sand travels, and imbed mindful practices into the fabrics of the experience.

herbal ingredients in a large tea bag with aesthetic background filled with flowers next to tea light candles

The Inspiration Behind The Brand

2020 was an unprecedented year. For many, being at home for months took a severe toll on mental health, according to a KKF Health Tracking Poll. While 1 in 10 Americans reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in 2019, this number jumped to 4 in 10 by January 2021. As the pandemic continued, people experienced severe mental health outcomes, such as social isolation, anxiety, and depression.

For myself, transitioning from my life from an avid traveller and digital nomad to my sedentary life in Toronto’s ongoing lockdowns, my mental health deteriorated and it did so fast. At the peak of it all, I had insomnia and could not sleep.

Creating the right environment for myself to take a warm, nostalgically-scented bath allowed me finally disconnect from technology, calm my anxious thoughts, relax my muscles, and soothe my bruised spirit.

Woman on a high swing, travelling as a digital nomad

Inspiration Behind the Scent

After growing up in a tea-drinking Asian household, and spending my time travelling across Asia and South America, I found myself consistently gravitating toward bathhouses, meditation, and spiritual sites. I believe this interest area really started after I watched “Spirited Away,” an animated film about a mythical bathhouse visited by spirits. 

Thus, I started experimenting with herbal teas and organic ingredients in my own kitchen to create natural formulations that made me feel warm and nostalgic. After testing my first bath, I knew I was onto something. That day our Garden Bathhouse was born.

Mission and Vision

sustainable kraft paper bath kit packaging and baby pink tulips

Inoki Bathhouse is on a mission to make your bathroom your happy place.

That means we will work hard to create beautiful rituals for you, whether that's sourcing aromatic teas, formulating the best herbal bath soaks, or curating the most relaxing playlist, we take your self-care journey seriously.


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